Is is worth upgrading from Pentax K5 ?? YES !!

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  1. hi sir, i own k5iis and loving it, is it worth it to upgrade from it?.. very tempting, but no more iso 80? and the dialer lock is overkill for me.. but other than that, its just wow, atlease on paper.. AA controller, new 24m sony sensor, 86k rgb metering, new af with 25cross type (take that canikon) and superb video capability (yeahh, fully manual...take that d7100/d610 lol)..its just WOW!!.. but how about the flash, how good was it?is it on par with atleast 7d??

    1. HI . Definitely worth the upgrade . now can turn off dial lock when you turn the button to the left ( pictures no 2 show dial lock off ) so you don't need to press the button to change the mode . popup flash or external ? never use 7d . sorry .